Making lemons go away

As consumers we can find ourselves in receipt of faulty goods or services, acknowledged by the proverb that ‘sometimes in life we get lemons.’ In California, so-called ‘lemon law’ is a set of consumer protections that have arisen to address any instances where a purchase item is defective and cannot be fixed by the manufacturer. While it applies across a wide range of industries, it’s often invoked to rectify the unwitting purchased a faulty vehicle, an often stressful, complicated, and expensive event.

In order to achieve a successful outcome in lemon law proceedings, it’s essential that you first have an understanding of the process, and why you will need to engage the services of an attorney with specific lemon law experience. Before you can make a compensation claim under lemon law, you must allow the manufacturer at least two attempts at fixing the car’s problems. In the majority of cases the manufacturer will contract a local dealership to undertake the repair work. Only if these repair attempts are unsuccessful will you have grounds to initiate a lemon law claim. It’s essential that you keep all receipts of repair efforts and any correspondence between you, the manufacturer, and the dealership. Your legal team may rely on these communications to mount a case against the vehicle manufacturer. There are several other key eligibility factors for accessing a lemon law claim in California, including that you have owned your car, SUV, or truck, for less than 18 months, or it has not driven more than 18,000 miles. If you would like to research your rights in respect of defective car purchasing in the state of California, the DMV website has a┬áCar Buyer’s Bill Of Rights.

After the requisite number of repair attempts have failed, your lemon law attorney will then mediate your dispute with the manufacturer. Your legal representative will fight to achieve the best resolution for you. They may work to secure a manufacturer buyback of the vehicle, a replacement vehicle, or additional compensation to cover any costs and losses you may have suffered as a result of the defects. As the reasons for vehicle faults can be complex and may include deceptive practices of behalf of the manufacturer, acquiring qualified legal representation is your best chance of securing a positive result. If you’re a resident of San Diego in need of a lemon law attorney, contact the Law Office of Jacob K. Kashani to consult with an experienced team boasting a 99% successful compensation rate.