How Can Virtual Terminals Benefit My Business?

Virtual terminals are now widely used and necessary to have in the online business world. Running a business without computers and digital tools is possible but more difficult, especially on busy days when there is twice the number of regular customers. There are several reasons why having terminals is beneficial to your business.

Increased Convenience

The use of virtual terminals provides total convenience to both online customers and employees. Most shoppers prefer to use their credit cards instead of using cash or checks as they did often in the past. The virtual terminal allows any e-commerce shopper to make an instant payment with one swipe of the card. Employees do not have to handle cash or checks by hand, which requires them to take additional precautions. In addition, charging virtual money at the terminal is safer than keeping cash inside of cash registers.

Fast Orders

Using a virtual terminal makes it easier to handle bulk or custom-made orders. There are no point-of-sale transactions that require employees to scan bar codes on items by hand. Processing a lot of complicated orders by mail, phone or Web is done faster without the need for itemized payments. Completing the same large number of orders at a physical terminal could take several hours longer.


A virtual terminal is an online tool that requires no bar code scanners or paper receipts. It connects multiple users and terminals across a wide network, so managers can log in from any computer to review the most current data about sales, invoices, and profits. As it’s being updated, information about your business at any time and location.

No Paper Usage

There is no need to print receipts and waste paper. Every activity is created, stored and managed electronically. Employees don’t have to print or store copies of receipts in folders or filing cabinets where they can be easily lost. The ink and paper cost money as well along with the equipment and repair costs. Additionally, when you use virtual tools, there is no need to recycle the paper or worry about its effects on the environment.

Virtual terminals allow businesses to process credit card payments using different methods and in different locations around the world. In addition to charging payments, users can review data about sales transactions based on type and date. These online tools include security features that give access to authorized individuals only. All of these features are provided at an affordable monthly fee and to any business owner who sells products without using physical terminals.