The process of making personalized jewelry

If you are like most girls, you have probably always dreamed of having a personalized piece of jewelry! The good news is that your dream can come true today. Baby Gold is a company that specializes in personalized gold jewelry. In this article, we will explain the whole process for you.

First step: Consultation

Scheduling a custom consultation is the first step in the custom gold jewelry process. The designer will learn more about the idea you had in mind, and your overall design aesthetic, and analyze any gemstones you’d like to incorporate into your project during this initial consultation. A personalized consultation usually lasts up to 60 minutes and it’s possible to do it via phone call, email, or text messages.

Second step: Draft

Following your appointment, the designer will begin working on hand sketches and will tell you when they are available to view. Sketches are usually finished a few days after your initial meeting and are the first step in creating your custom jewelry. Having sketches made for you is entirely free. The designer will go through the sketches they’ve prepared for you and address any queries you may have during this second appointment. The designer will be able to tell you how much your bespoke jewelry piece will cost once you’ve chosen a sketch that you like. The cost of personalized jewelry is determined by a variety of criteria, for example, stone type, amount of gemstones, and design complexity.

Third step: CAD model

Our designers use computer-aided design (CAD) to create representations of your personalized jewelry piece once you’ve authorized a drawing. CAD renders are normally completed in 2-7 days and emailed to you once they are complete. You can easily request side-by-side comparisons of different stone sizes, bandwidths, and more during the CAD render process. The computer-aided design (CAD) process ensures that we create a piece you’ll adore.

Fourth step: Wax model

The final stage is to make a 3D wax model after you’ve approved the CAD renders. We will produce a life-size replica of your personalized jewelry piece using our on-site 3D printer. The wax model allows you to visualize the final piece’s exact size and proportion. You can still make changes to the wax model during the process if necessary. It usually takes 3-7 days to make a 3D wax model.

Final step: Manufacturing

Once we make sure you are 100% satisfied with the design, we will proceed to have your custom jewelry made!