5 questions you need to ask before you hire a defense lawyer

Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer can make a big difference – if you know how to find the one.

Asking these five questions can help you figure out if you’ve found the right match or if you should continue searching.

1. Have you worked on a similar case before?

You want to hire a lawyer who knows about SoCal Criminal Law – but, more specifically, knows about the law that matters to you.

Legal matters are way too broad to trust the first defense lawyer that comes your way. You want someone who not only understands your case but has won similar ones in the past.

Don’t be afraid to ask! It’s also a great way to know if a lawyer is honest or not and how well he handles minimum pressure.

2. How often do you go to trial?

A trial could become a long and tiring process. It can also turn out to be quite costly. That’s why you may prefer a quick solution than dragging the whole thing for an outcome that never comes.

Good defense lawyers know how to win a case. Great ones will win it before the trial.

In an ideal scenario, your would-be lawyer will tell you how likely you’re to stand trial and what your odds are.

3. What’s your success rate?

Your lawyer’s success rate is a good way to know where your trial is going. Keep in mind this success rate means nothing if you won’t hire someone familiar with your case and overall legal context.

You want someone who is familiar with your situation and knows how to win a case.

4. Who will work my case?

You may talk to someone thinking they will work your case exclusively – but that’s far from likely. Big firms employ junior lawyers, paralegals, and other assistants to work. That’s a great way to cut costs (including your billing hours) – but you want an experienced lawyer to make the important decisions.

Make sure you know who’s working what before you hire anyone.

5. How much will my defense cost?

You may have to pay more than your lawyer’s fees during a defense trial. Investigations, witnesses, and plenty more cost money – that you will have to pay.

It’s better to get ahead of it all and ask for an estimate so you can see whether you can fit it in your budget or not.