How to Make a Career as an eSports Gamer

Most devotees of video games have been plagued by nagging and criticism from parents and teachers alike. Gaming, these people say, has no redeeming qualities and is a waste of time. Now that you want to make a career for yourself in this field, you can take advantage of the long-term financial opportunities that actually do exist in e-sports. The key is to do what it takes to successfully launch your career.


This line of work does not just involve gaming at the professional level. Other relevant jobs include live social media host, coach, content creator, marketing specialist, sales manager, referee, organization owner/manager, production assistant, event manager, agent and much more. If you’re not quite at pro level, you can still contribute to the industry and make a living while working behind the scenes. Your task is to determine where you fit.


In spite of the fact that it is relatively new on the scene, the e-sports industry is highly competitive. While your goal might be to eventually work for a high-profile company, you will probably have to do your share of dues-paying before you succeed. To that end, start by contacting smaller companies. Offer to provide your services on a volunteer basis if no paid positions are available. Even as the lowliest gopher, you have gotten your foot in the door. If you’re bored with the tasks you are assigned, demonstrate flexibility and motivation by offering to help and lending a hand where needed. Always keep in mind that this job can be a stepping-stone to bigger and better things, so endeavor to stay on good terms with your boss. After all, you might need a letter of recommendation one day.


With some volunteer or paid experience under your belt, why not take a step onto the next rung of the e-sports career ladder by doing what you love? If you want to be a pro, play the game; if you want to write about gaming technology, take a journalism course. Taking this step just might open doors that you didn’t know existed. Just ask the young devotees of the game Fortnight, who regularly have the opportunity to work with a Los Angeles-based musician and entertainment entrepreneur. Nick Gross mentors gaming kids not only to give back to the community but also to pave the way for the next generation of innovative e-sports leaders.


Even though you are passionate and armed with valuable experience, job opportunities will not automatically flow to you. Make it your goal to be on the lookout for career postings both locally and online. Because this can be a discouraging time, make every effort to surround yourself with people who are positive about your aspirations and support your search. Devote time each day or at least once a week to contacting prospective employers and keeping your name relevant on social media.

E-sports offers a wide range of exciting opportunities for those interested in a career games online  as well as all of the jobs that support them. With commitment, hard work and a dash of luck, you can succeed in this modern field. The key is to continue to keep your eye on the goal and to work hard until you have reached it.