Does A Smart Home Start in The Garage?

A smart home is one that is relatively controlled or managed by electronic devices, or rather the technology. For instance, the smart home could feature an automated alarm system on the door, which locks and unlocks remotely. This technology has been extended to the garage. In many homes in America, the garage is supposedly the main entrance to the house. As one parks the car in the garage, they use the door in the garage to enter the house.

This means that the garage plays a vital role in the entire house. So, is it true that a smart home starts in the garage? Technically, yes. This happens when the garage itself has the smart features. Here is a look at how the garage can affect the ‘smartness’ of the house.

• Wireless Garage Door Opener

You might think that the regular remote control of the garage door qualifies to be wireless. Nonetheless, the wireless aspect of the garage door opener is more of a Wi-Fi operated opener. With this type of opener, you can operate the garage door from wherever. “This feature has become increasingly popular amongst home owners in recent years,” stated Al from Aladdin Doors. Whether you are around the house, or you are far, you can close or open the garage door remotely. You only need to be connected to the internet to control it.

• Smart Security

In case you accidentally leave your garage door open, you will receive a notification through a beep to alert you. It also helps to keep the buglers away by asking for a password or an internet connection. If you want to lock out the intruders, you can simply use a personalized password, like a fingerprint scan. Alternatively, you can create a strong password for the garage door opener.

• Flexible operations

If your nanny or maid was reporting to work in your absence, you could set the garage door to open at a particular time. Some apps will allow you to set the automation of the garage door. Whether you want it to open at 4:00 PM and close exactly after an hour, you can simply set it on the app. This also lets you manage the time your kids go to school and when they are back in the house. You also don’t have to wake up and open the garage door if someone is outside and needs to get it. This can easily be done by the touch of your smartphone.

With the right application that manages the garage door app, you can be sure of enjoying the ease and flexibility of opening and closing the garage. You do not need to move around just to open and close the garage door. Everything is managed remotely, and there is no chance of leaving the garage door open since you will receive an alert whenever.